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Posted on: 10th February 2015

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I love shoes and bags, so last month I brought my dear to XES for shopping. He bought a pair of shoes then second pair of shoes just pay 80 cents. No kidding as he chosen the working shoes and second pair for myself. I am glad he finally bought the shoes that fit him. We have been to many outlets of other brands but nothing seem to match his ideal shoes.

Other than shoes, I want to say that he’s going to shift to other place to work. I am very sad because his workplace is going to be far away from home. This mean he can no longer help me fetch son. I am going to be on my own, as it is long travel hours for him to reach home due to traffic jam and many cars at his new work place. He needs to follow his boss to move office, I feel sad even though it only happen in June.

Even now he’s working nearby but he’s coming home late around 8.30pm or 9.30pm. So imagine he is working far so he be more late to reach home for dinner. Yeah he has his dinner late, it’s not healthy. Health can’t be purchase with money.

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Posted on: 5th October 2014

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I love being a woman because we gets to shop til we drop, well of course we shop within our budget. I love shoes and bags, these are important for mix and match our clothes. I find that with many pair of shoes I have, I decided to donate some shoes away. The nursing home, has young and old people. The gorgeous shoes will surprise them, especially some of them didn’t have anyone to come by visit them.

Bags are important to me as I always check what type of bag is suitable for events, etc. There is an incident that I have drop my camera in the night, yeah the camera is long gone now. Whoever pickup my camera has grab on all my precious photos.

I spotted a backpack recently, it looks like army backpack. I like it, I am still thinking whether to purchase it or not. I won a contest with RM30 voucher I just need to add RM15 and the backpack will be mine. I did check out some clothes in the mall but I find that none of them caught my attention. It’s either the size doesn’t fit or the design never the less attracted me.


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Posted on: 12th July 2014

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How many of you like to watch scary movies? I like to watch horror and scary movie, but in real life if you get to see them it would be very scary. Since it’s just a movie, I am glad I have friend that like to watch these movies with me.

Not many people are fan of scary movie, talk of scary movie. Sad to hear that friend’s dad passed away. It’s very sad news when I found out about it. This year two friends of mine lost their dad, it is very sad.

Not all scary movies are scary, there was one that we almost late to collection the movie tickets. We are disappointed with the movie, it’s not scary movie at all and it is just waste of time.

I have friends that scare to watch scary movie, they will not fall asleep after watching the movie. They told me that it would give them a nightmare. The scary movie that we watched usually in the night, because day time everyone is working.

Talking of going for movie, one day son told me that the young man sit next him is really smelly because he really smell. Son even ask me why he not shower at home only come for movie. Mmm…

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Posted on: 4th June 2014

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I’m so happy that I have won a contest which given me a chance to go vacation. Yeah 3 days 2 nights, on an island. It’s Krabi Island, which located to Thailand. I haven’t gone for vacation for a long time. I mean going on vacation by flight, the last I went was 3 years back to Singapore.

I’ll be going next Friday and coming back on next Sunday. Just nice as the following Monday is school starts, I’m thankful the organiser of Dove body wash has chosen me as winner. I took part their 21 days of Dove Skindulgence School contest on instagram. Yeah I took part every day for 21 days, though I didn’t won any hamper from the contest but I’m very happy I am one of the grand prize winners for this contest.

Only ten winners are chosen for Grand Prize winner, they called me up to ask if I am available on the date of travel. If you are not, then you cannot go so they will choose another winner. I even asked the gal, what’s the number of gal she had called. I mean what number am I that she called, she told me that I am the number 5 winner she contacted.

Thank you my dear and sister-in-law for helping me to care my boys while I am away. Without them I can’t go enjoy the island vacation.

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Posted on: 4th March 2014

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I bought a new trolley bag for son to go school, who knows one of the strap belong the bag is broken. He didn’t check when he’s pulling the bag on the street. Not just him I find that many other children has same problem, they don’t have straps on bag anymore. They can only use the pulling part for the bag.

They like to play dough and I bought some for them to play, the other day my toddler chooses an expensive play dough but sad to say it does not last long. It became hard and can’t be play anymore. What’s next? It goes to dustbin for sure.

Today son’s not feeling well so he’s resting at home but he’s going to school tomorrow because exam starts tomorrow.

Yesterday we went groceries shopping in Aeon Big, Subang Jaya. The trolley is not full and it cost RM200, dear chosen the solid toilet paper roll for long lasting. He says that thin toilet paper roll not good to use and fast finished.

Tomorrow we are going for a movie, yeah just dear and me because last month we missed out to watch a movie we planned to. But last month I manage to watch with son. Oh wait, we did watched movie together with son just few weeks back. Movie named The Lion Man.

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Posted on: 13th February 2014

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It’s Horse year 2014, Chinese New Year will be ending on 14 Feb. 14 Feb such a special date for me the date where my dear bought me a butter cake for Valentine’s day, then second day I was admitted to hospital as I have red spot. I was then 36 weeks pregnant, my baby boy was born 16 Feb. My son is going to be 8 years old this Sunday. We are going to celebrate his birthday at my dad’s place.

Dad told me that he’s going to order food and sister-in-law going to cook bihun at home. It will be great having meal with family members. I can’t wait to see twins gal, they have started Kindergarten but my toddler will only start next year.

Talking of fashion I have bought some nice fashion clothes and bags from my favourite store. It’s best gift for myself to pamper myself! Though I miss going to spa, two years I haven’t been to spa. I had an hour spa voucher but I gave my friend to enjoy it.

I spotted some nice online shopping stores, going to take my time to browse them. Window shopping is also a way to break stress!

What do you do when you take a break?

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Posted on: 5th December 2013


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My dear, son and I have watched the Hobbit 1, I am happy to say I won two passes to watch Hobbit 2. Sorry my dear, I am bring son to watch this movie. It’s school holiday, I didn’t win to watch Frozen so winning Hobbit 2 is good enough for me.

Education fee in Subang Jaya is costly! I am not kidding, I check the fee was RM380-RM450 to go Kindergarten as three year old. I didn’t want to send my toddler now because I want to let him go only at four year old. Money is everything since I am housewife, dear is along working. He is employee in the company, I hope the Boss knows that he’s trying his best at work. He’s working hard for this family.

I choose to shop at warehouse sales which is not far for me, it’s cheaper to shop there. I walked in the outlets before but sad to say the price is not affordable for me. I have purchased my clothes for Chinese New Year.

So fast it’s another year soon, I dream of having a vacation plan with family by flight to Kuching, Sarawak or Sabah. Some how money is not enough, better put the plan aside and enjoy the lifestyle that we are having now. Though we know it’s not going to be easy for us, we need to go through it together.



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Posted on: 15th September 2013

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I have got something to say, next week I have got movie with my dear. Yeah I hope he’s free to watch the movie. It is 2 Guns and Prisoners. Both are interesting movie to watch, I am sure they are rated 18 above in Malaysia.

Wait for my review of the movie.

Today is busy day for us, we just back from shopping and tonight will be lantern relative gathering with cousins and grandma. :D

It will be fun for the kids to play lantern, I have purchase plane lantern for baby and Doramon lantern for son. Baby’s lantern more expensive than son’s lantern. RM17.90 and RM13.90.

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Posted on: 12th August 2013

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Category: Cooking, Shopping

It is month of Hari Raya, I am sure my friends were busy with baking cookies and cook delicious food for family and loved ones. They can never left out good blender! Talking of baking and blender, I found ninja mega kitchen system. It is one of the Top 3 ninja blenders, it is being reviewed by the buyers and they loved it. You can find out why from the website above.

You can do many things with this ninja mega kitchen system, from juicing, blending and mixing, to processing. You will like this if you like effectively blends whole vegetables and fruits into a pure juice, while filtering out all the pulp. Healthy drink to have every morning with your loved one. With a good investment on a good blender you can find this is worth for your health.

My friend is looking to replace her blender, food processor, juicer, and mixer. I told her, she can look into the Ninja Mega Kitchen System. They have over 60 reviews on this product. With Internet access, online shopping is convenient, now you can find out if they have provide free shipping to your country. The Ninja Kitchen Brand has been around since 2009.


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Posted on: 29th July 2013

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It is wonderful news for me, yeah I check online and my name is one of the winners to watch The Conjuring. I won the movie passes before but fail to watch it because the same night I watched The Wolverine with my family. I am thankful that it happened that I won to see this movie. :D

So excited and ask around my friends but none of them are free. So guess what?! My dear who does not like to watch horror or ghost movie, happen to say he wants to watch with me if I don’t have friend to watch with. :D

Hooray, excited just 9 more hours away and I can watch this true story on a movie date.

Screening Details
Date: 29 July 2013 Time: 9.15pm Venue: Cathay Cineplex e@curve 16

Redemption time : 7pm – 8.45pm Note: Please bring along your Identification Card for ticket redemption at the Redemption Counter.

**As this movie is Rated ’18′, those below the age of 18 are not allowed into the hall

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